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2/30 – The Morning of My Life

Marfa, Texas.

Early sun
Light overcomes the first night of April
all around me
Every color of blue echoes around you
The sunshine is a silent alarm
The silence moves me to write
I’m quiet in my creation
My wife asleep next to me
dreaming deeply
The glow of morning falls on her cheek
Her half smile, a desert flower
in full bloom
The wind from yesterday still in her hair
You are where my love rises
A satellite speeding
through the stars still can’t catch us
When the light overcomes the dark,
the morning begins and it is time
to celebrate our lives,
and how we are here, in love,
and alive.


I hope you found little joys to celebrate today,
and more than enough reason to smile

– A birthday text sent to me from Ayokunle Falomo,

Every smile has an origin story.
And mine begins with the unexpected gift
of knowing I’ll never be alone.
What a relief,
saying goodbye to the old emptiness,
forgetting what was lost,
holding what stayed,
abandoning grief like a rival
not fast enough to catch
the speed of my joy,
scattering across the April air
like a thousand little black birds.
This gift opens itself up every time
I look up at the sky of my life,
and count how many ways I am loved,
stunned at the simple song of being,
lost in a thousand shining suns.
Light trickles through the space
between my crooked teeth,
staining my bones like glass.

So I’m doing this new thing,
on days other than my birthday,
whenever I need a pick me up,
I open my mouth,
and I fill up the bedroom,
or the kitchen,
or the street,
with a thousand little joys,
with the names of every moment
I ever gave my smile to.