6/30: TEN TWEETS FROM 2016

by Zachary Caballero

Lastly, I ask the universe for this: Let forgiveness return without wondering where I’ve been.

If you want to understand me, do me a favor: recognize and accept the inherent misunderstanding perpetuating my sense of self. Start here:

I want to give more of myself than ever before. But who holds their hands open long enough to touch the sum of you?

Get me out of my head please.

I cannot escape away the depth of feeling I feel at every moment of every day, cannot explain away thoughts that separate me from my body

I guess, I just wish, for once, for once, I could be blameless when naming my own hurt

every day, i’m navigating complex ass systems of emotion, tied to a traumatic past, linked by a persistent need to be present, and i am lost

i am lost even after knowing the exit strategy, and the exit strategy is always the same: to forget, to pretend, to give in by staying still

And it’s not easy to be who I am

For all the love I choose to carry, it is painfully funny about what chooses to carry me, and how the two are often at odds with each other.