by Zachary Caballero

I never had the patience for baking
Probably had something to do with
the need for precision, consistency,
the undivided attention
one must offer
for goodness to rise.
Stuck at home for over a month
I decide it is time to bake
to acquire the essentials,
what’s required,
no matter the purpose.
At Costco, I buy 25 pounds of
organic all-purpose flour.

And can I just say,
what a declaration!
A manifesto!
An incantation!
How can I be that brave?
Almighty all-purpose flour,
Show me how
I’m supposed
to know my purpose
when the future is still unknown.
Show me all the possibilities
of how I can grow.
Show me how
all my potential is
the longer I try
and rise alone.
I want to be all-purpose,
measured purpose,
cups of purpose,
pies of purpose
biscuits of purpose
ovens filled with purpose,
all of it, nothing
but beautiful
endless purpose.